15.07.2015, ver. 1.1.2 Restored working version of the service after Zend stopped the support for newest youtube google API. 26.12.2012, ver. 1.1.1 New features: 1. new legal mp3 source added: mp3va.com 27.10.2012, ver. 1.1.0 version 1.1.0 released !!! New features: 1. users can copy and paste any link from Youtube into the search bar to access their videos even faster, 2. simplified URL, 3. release notes added, 4. contact form added. Please use it to: - report any intellectual property valiotion, - send ideas/suggestions regarding new features, - report any errors. Fixed problems: 1. cyrilica characters wrongly encoded in the title and description, 2. download button not always available, 3. video result list now looks more like on youtube (sorted by relevance), 4. related videos can be loaded when the video is being played.

25.03.2012, ver. 1.0.0 It's open :) We've sent info email with that subject to our friends, showing them first version of the site.